Membership eligibility

Membership to Ethos is by invitation only. Membership eligibility criteria include, but may not be limited to:



A Member must have a Bachelors degree (or equivalent) or a higher degree from an accredited, major US university (or international equivalent).


Current professional roles/responsibilities

A Member must hold a high-ranking professional position (Vice President, Comptroller, Partner, Principal, etc.) at an organization.


Outstanding personal and professional character

A Members must demonstrate outstanding personal and professional character; and integrity at all times.


Membership application

Membership to Ethos is by invitation only. Individuals who are invited to become members must provide:


Completed application forms

Reference letters from two current Members


Additional application criteria




Participation in Ethos' programs is not available to the general public. Only Members are permitted to vote and to participate in Ethos programs. The Board may from time-to-time establish rules permitting participation by other individuals that further Ethos' purposes (such as sponsors, spouses, guests, mentors, speakers, Applicants – collectively, “Guests”). Guests shall be charged no more than the reasonable cost of participating in Ethos' programs. Guests shall be permitted by invitation only.