Welcome to Ethos Executives

Welcome to Ethos Executives' website. Please use the links at the top to navigate this site and learn more about us.

Our Mission


Ethos Executives is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing together leaders in a social and fraternal network. Our Members, who are high-ranking professionals from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, come together for the purpose of enhancing their professional leadership and growing their businesses and the business community at large.


Mission Statement


Ethos' mission is to build mutually enriching, life-long personal and professional friendships among its Members to build a global network of leaders.


Connecting Leaders


Ethos is based on the principles of life-long camaraderie among its Members who are leaders in their respective professions and pursuits. Members achieve such life-long relationships through participation in a variety of social and professional programs; through open, honest communication; and by actively supporting each other.


We organize a variety of program which help Members come together and bond. Members get the opportunity to learn together and grow together as individuals, as professionals and as leaders. Members can share issues in a confidential environment where they are assured of insights, solutions and support from other Members.


About our Motto


Our motto is "Illustrata Ductu" which in Latin means "Enlightened Leadership". True to our motto, Ethos' Members endeavor to provide a higher form of leadership.